Smoking is banned at Sutton Park in all locations. This is a ICFC, Ipswich City Council Policy and Queensland Government legislation “Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998”.

Drinking Alcohol: You can’t drink alcohol in a public place in Queensland, unless the area is a licensed premises or is declared as a 'wet area'. You can be issued with an on the spot fine of $121 for drinking alcohol in a public place. The club does have a licence which is ONLY during Senior matches and alcohol can only be consumed at the Club House on the concreted area.

Bad Language is not tolerated at the club especially if directed at a referee, coach, player, parent etc. If you feel yourself getting upset, or frustrated please remove yourself from the situation.

Any person being caught breaking any of the above: 

  1. Will be asked to leave
  2. Will be reported to the Police
  3. Will be reported to the Club
  4. Will have their or child’s registration cancelled