• 31 Oct 17
  • Posted by Todd Zeidler

Ipswich City Football Club – Komodo Trails Process

Ipswich City will be carrying out team grading to enable us to nominate teams into Football Brisbane’s Komodo Dragons competitions for the 2018 season. ALL PLAYERS are offered a position in the appropriate team for their ability.


Under 10 born 2008

Under 11 born 2007


Session Dates

Tue 14th November

Fri 17th November

Tue 21st November


Session Times

Arrive 5:15pm

Start 5:30pm

Finish 6:30pm


Why are we grading players??

The primary reason for our Club wishing to grade players is to identify individuals of differing skill levels and encourage them to play in a challenging but enjoyable environment, and to enhance and encourage their football development.

This means that young players are playing in an environment that is intellectually and physically stimulating through education and competition.

But we also remember that the player's enjoyment playing football comes first above all else.


Our Guidelines

To ensure that all players being graded are given equal time. We fully accept that players will want to play with their friends, however the 3 year plan in place for Ipswich City FC to be at a SYL level a high priority.  The Komodo Dragons competition is in place to allow experienced players develop their skill and understanding of the game competing at the highest level available for the age group.


Who carries out the grading sessions?

Team grading will be carried out by our group of Coaches and Technical Director, having a group of experienced coaches allows for a majority rules for final decisions.


Grading criteria

Players will be graded whilst carrying out the 4 Core Skills of the FFA National Curriculum:

1. Striking the ball

2. First touch

3. 1 v 1

4. Running with the ball

These four skills are the most important factors in determining a young player's ability level.


What do I bring?

All players must wear appropriate training gear, including shinpads, and bring a drink bottle.

Please fill out and bring a copy of the Komoto Trial – Player Information Sheet.