• 05 Jan 18
  • Posted by Todd Zeidler
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1. Go to the Play Football (previously MyFootballClub) website www.playfootball.com.au
2. Click on Register Now
3. You will be presented with 3 options.
    a. I know my FFA number
    b. I need to find my FFA number
    c. I have never registered before
4. Once you have your FFA number
    Enter FFA No
    Enter Password
    Click Login
5. On the right-hand side click Register
6. Review your details. Ensure your email address is up-to-date as this where your registration receipt from FFA will be sent and your payments receipts.
7. Once review click Next
8. In Step 1 type Ipswich City Soccer Club Allsports Ltd
9. In Step 2 select Player 
10. In Step 3 select “Package” 2018 Note: It should default to the correct once using you DOB
11. Click Add Packages
12. Check your playing history. Note: It should = No
13. Click Confirm
14. Check the Package looks correct. Click Next
15. Read the Terms and Conditions. On the bottom left-hand side check Acknowledge all
16. On the right-hand side click Next
17. There are 2 options to pay
    d. Pay Online
    e. Manual Payment At Club